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Detecting Cancelled Resource Reservations
~Wei Fezluskiakol 01/21/2004 05:20 PM
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I am working on a Domino5/Domino6 remote application to drive the process of managing ResourceReservations ( it actually needs to
synchronize Domino Reservations with a 3rd party product ).

I see that by configuring a resource to be scheduled only by the resource owner, the resource owner can get e-mail notifications when a reservation is requested or modified, also the "Waiting for Approval" folder contains the unprocessed notifications. My problem is that no notification is generated (at least not to the resource owner or the "waiting for approval" folder) when the meeting organizer cancels a meeting. All reference to the meeting in the resource database/calendar are silently removed.

Is there any setting I've missed that will give me some sort of indication as to whether a resource reservation ( and its identity )
has been cancelled ( that can be detected remotely )?


The only reasonable alternative I can imagine is writing some sort of Agent that will intercept cancellation requests and perhaps forward an email to the resourceowner or leave some other sort of artifact in the resource database to be processed later by my remote application.

Any suggestions on resolving my quandry?

Thanks for your help

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